We Shouldn’t Forget Our Roots

While we may be fanatical about new tech devices, we also shouldn’t forget that old is gold. Many people love new technologies and want to switch from the old devices to enjoy the improved features. There is nothing wrong with using newer devices, however, this make more sense if you are not spending too much on them.

Often, people spend enormously by buying devices that have just been released into the market. It may be true that technology prices decrease with time; however, some old technologies are still useful and can save you money. If you want to remain attached to old technologies, you should look for devices that can serve the purpose but not cost you extra.

Cheaper Over Time
In most cases, except cable TV, it seems that other technologies are becoming cheaper with time. If you were a teenager in the 80’s, you can remember technologies such as the ZX Spectrum, the Sony walkman, and the Zack Morris phone. These devices may be out of date; however, people still do express their personalities by using some of these outdated devices.

We may be striving hard to keep up with technology; however, we should not forget our roots. Today, parents are exposing their kids to technology. In the 80’s, teenagers did not have cell phones. Nowadays, kids as young as five years have cell phones. I did not even own one till I left high school.

Kids and Technology
It seems we think that technology shapes kids at an early age because the society has shifted to rely on it to fix and solve issues. New technology comes with many benefits. It becomes cheaper with time and people can save pretty much on gadgets, which previously used to cost a lot of money. On top of that, technology is also advancing and becoming more efficient.

Using newer devices may save on energy and improve life experience. Think of it this way- who wants to use an old-fashioned computer that has an extremely low speed and memory while there are faster PCs with lightening speed? It makes sense to advance with new technologies but what we shouldn’t forget is that we can still do with the old school gadget.

Save the Environment and Your Money
In fact, it could save the environment if people embrace using older devices that are still functioning. It reduces the waste we find in landfills when we use older devices. It also saves us money because we don’t crave every other new device that is being introduced in the market.

Some people have never let the old technology go and they are using the devices, something that shows their personality. Others may be using the gadgets as ornaments or antiques, yet they are functioning and can be used. In essence, not all old stuff may be convenient and efficient to use. Tech obsessed individuals may not find space in using the older gadgets, however, for others; it is just more than treasure. It is a way of expressing themselves and not allowing technology to brainwash them. It is also a way to save money.