Top Tips for Getting the Most Branding Views

When your company is sharing content online, getting more views than the competition is important. What this means is that your content, whether it is written, a photo or a video, should be compelling. The content produced has to intrigue and interest viewers in order for them to open what your company is offering.

Pick the Proper Time to Post

The time of day that you post is important. Posting while people are at work, is typically not a great idea. Post early in the morning, in the late afternoon and mid-evenings. This is when more consumers are accessing content online. Picking prime posting times will help your brand’s content be seen more.

Post on the Right Platforms

Where you post content is just as important as the time and content itself. Your content should be published on your brand’s website first. It should then be filtered out to multiple social media pages where larger audiences will see the content. Social media sharing accounts for many brands’ increased audiences.

Interact with your Audience

Don’t just post content and disappear. Your brand needs to have someone that is dedicated to consumer interactions online. Interaction with your consumers directly tells them that they matter and are not just another sale.

The way that your brand interacts with its audience is also important. Consumers do not like pre-formatted, copied and pasted responses from company handbooks, they like unique and personal responses.

Create Interesting Content

If your content is boring, and your marketing team gets bored creating it, it is time to make a few changes. If your content does not entice an audience member to view it, it is not going to perform well over multiple channels. Headlines are what get consumers to look further into content so make sure that your headlines are strong and command attention.

Have Contests or Promotions

Promotions and giveaways get your audience members to share content and bring in new audience members. It is also a time when a brand will see the most influxes in new consumer interest. It is important too step-up your consumer relations and customer service during these times because there will be questions and production will have to increase. The worst thing is promoting products that fail consumers.

It is a good idea to include a professional video that demonstrates the product and the brand as an introduction to new audience members. Videos also allow a brand to put some of its personality into it, which helps the approachability and innovative aspects of brand reputation development.

Closing Thoughts

Change your brand’s data collection algorithms to collect specific types of data to tell your brand who is viewing an entire video and who exits out of it before completion. Also, include data collection practices for web visitors from outside platforms as well as generalized data such as location and age. This will tell you who your primary audience is and will help your brand create better content for that specific audience to get additional branding views.