Top Tech for Your Home

Homeowners are looking forward to having efficient, smart technologies in their premises. While it may be still in its infancy, devices that can be controlled by smartphones at home to regulate the indoor atmosphere and security are becoming common. You can use gadgets to control the amount of lighting in your home to reduce the electricity bills. You may use gadgets that control the thermostat of your HVAC equipment to save on energy. Your crock pot can be left running at home and controlled using a device operating through a smartphone. Here are some of the top smart home technologies that you expect to see in many homes.

Thermostat connected sensors
Using a wireless sensor placed in the room helps regulate the temperatures in your home. The thermostat will keep on heating until when it senses that your room has been warmed up sufficiently. Ecobee is one such technology and has incorporated a mobile app that will operate seamlessly with your heating system thermostat.

Digital garage door openers
It may prove awkward or dangerous when you try to reach for a garage opener remote when you also  are navigating the street or your kid’s toys lined on the street. However, the Chamberlain’s garage door opener allows you to use your device’s screen to close or open the garage from wherever you are. The company also intends to have a geofencing system, which is able to detect when you are close to your driveway so that it automatically opens the door.

Wireless smart crock pot
A smartphone controlled crock pot allows you to cook slower and adjust the setting of the pot from anywhere. Using the Android app or WeMo iOS, you can keep the setting of the pot at the right temperatures. It also reminds you when you need to adjust the temperature. You can change the cook time and use the timer so that you calculate the cook time and process.  You may also check the status of the dish placed in the crock pot and determine whether it is perfectly cooked.

These are some of the few home techs that create a better lifestyle at home. They save you time, money, and hassle. You can for example use the smart crock pot and control it when you are in the office. Smartphones being connected to sensors and other devices can help you make a big impact in the way people do things. This may be seen as what is referred to Internet of Things where devices are connected to each other and they can use the data they gather to tell you what you should do.