Some Things Never Change

Some people may be ready to adopt every other technology but others try to resist the advances. There are people who are still watching black and white TV decades after the gadgets became obsolete.  Today we are talking of LED and plasma TV that have great images and quality sounds. Phones have changed from the … [Read more…]

The Top Tech I Stuck With Over The Past 5 Years

It’s only five years after apps were introduced in the market. There have been many technological advancements over the past five years and while some have become popular, others have not been able to survive. Some of the technologies have also been costly for people to adopt them. I have a few technologies I have … [Read more…]

New Tech of 2016 That I’m Excited For

Technology appears to be advancing at a high speed. What may appear as a dependable technology, soon it may be phased out and becomes obsolete. From things like intelligent messaging apps, smart watches, to drones that will follow you like paparazzi; it looks like 2016 will define science fiction into science facts. Virtual Reality Virtual … [Read more…]

We Shouldn’t Forget Our Roots

While we may be fanatical about new tech devices, we also shouldn’t forget that old is gold. Many people love new technologies and want to switch from the old devices to enjoy the improved features. There is nothing wrong with using newer devices, however, this make more sense if you are not spending too much … [Read more…]

Why Tech Gets Cheaper Over Time

I remember my dad bought us a PC having a one gigabyte hard drive for $1200 and now he has a 220-gigabyte computer and printer that went for only $500. The question I ask is why does technology seem to trend down in price over time? There may be many reasons as to why technology … [Read more…]

Technology for the Mixed Gens

Generation X consists of people born in 60’s to 80’s during which technology was in its early age. Millennials on the other hand were born from 80’s to 2000’s and they are considered a group that witnessed the explosive growth of technology.  I am in generation X having had my teenage years come in the … [Read more…]