My Day to Day Must Have Gadgets

I love gadgets and that’s why I am always on the lookout for technologies that help make life easier for me while not spending a lot of money. While there is a plethora of devices and gadgets that I can use every day, some may not be necessary. Here is a list of my day-to-day gadgets that I must have.

Zolt Charger
Laptops have gotten smaller and smaller but chargers have been bulky, heavy, and cumbersome. With a lighter Zolt charger, it takes care of this problem with its minimalistic size and weight. It makes life easier with me because I don’t have to struggle with power charging for my laptop.

Seagate 7 hard drive
Keeping my data saved ensures that I don’t lose my important information. The thinnest 500 GB hard-drive for storing data makes me have peace of mind. During the time I’m travelling, I have my data with me. The hard drive can easily slip into any bag. It is also light and portable.

Smart yoga mat
Yoga moves allow me to relax the body, mind and soul. I can escape the busy connected world only this time I don’t need to have an instructor with me. It is a bit hard to practice yoga correctly without an instructor. The smart yoga mat guides me through the various yoga lessons. It tells me when I’m doing things wrong.

Bite my Apple stands
At times, my laptop does not sit properly in position when I want to use it. This may happen at home, office, or when travelling. I use this stand that changes the way I use my tablet, phone, and laptop. It also helps improves my posture because when the laptop isn’t sitting correct, it may compel me to have poor posture.

Mophie Power Station
Sometimes, you have to struggle with power for different devices. You may face issues with battery but mophie allows me to charge my power hungry device while travelling. It can be a life saver when my device seems to run out of power and I need to work on something urgent or make an important call.

There are many devices you can use in your day to day life. While this list my not provide your favorite gadgets, it brings out some of the devices which make my life experience easy and convenience. They save me time and money, and may not cost a lot of money to adopt them.