How Growing Up In The 80s Made Me A Tech Obsessed

A big number of technologies we see today got their start in the 80’s. Looking back to the time of walkmans, Pac-Man, and Reaganomics, it shows how pretty the 1980’s technology has advanced to date. As a teenager, it was a lot of fun during those days. When talking about the 80’s, it is an era that introduced some of the amazing technologies including the compact systems, portable listening devices, gaming consoles, and state of the art music instruments.

iPod or Sony Walkman
For many people, iPod was the name to associate with high tech devices in decade of the 2000s but for the period of 1980s, the Sony Walkman was the device that begun the revolution of personal audio. It was really cool to throw some headphones on and play soundtracks from a walkman.

When I think of early cellphone collections, I think about the Zack Morris’s oversized phone. It was a phone that resembled a brick and was primarily made in the late 1980’s by Motorola. Those who watched the popular syndicated show dubbed Saved By The Bell really understand what it felt to have a phone. Zack Morris’s phone was a giant portable phone. It might have been a large one but at that time, it was a great technology.

I never owned one myself but I enjoyed seeing my friends and other people use it. Things have evolved pretty fast and from the large-sized hand-held devices, today we have the slim cellphone that you can easily pocket in your jeans trouser. In the 80’s, cellphone technology was not just about cramming in features or designing the most beautiful objects, but rather solving everyday communication problem.

The ugly brick looking phones may not have been that beautiful back then, however, the typical design lesson told us that we can solve communication problems. Another great technology of those days is the basic cable TV. It is a well-known fact that basic cable was born later in the 1970’s during the time when Ted Turner beamed today’s TBS, which was then WTCG. The network was distributed in cable systems around the country.

Game Consoles
In October 1977, households were invaded by the Atari 2600 game console, and soon after, there was Donkey Kong and others like Pitfall and Pac-Man. Atari 2600 is the godfather of video game systems. It is a console that helped spawn the multimillion-dollar industry. As a teenager, I enjoyed playing video games.

Personal Computers
Personal computers were among the greatest inventions of the 1980’s. While there were variations on personal computers during the period before 1980 such as the Apple II, it is IBM that coined the phrase personal computer after it released the IBM 5150. Personal computers have changed the way people live.

Computing technology made life easier and while the advancements were not as you can find today, they were of course a great change. By end of the 80’s, the personal computers had grown with names like Macintosh and Windows. The processing speed might have been slow and the memory was limited, however, the technology was just as good as those days. It had changed the experience people had with computing.

I was impressed by this technology and today, I love personal computers despite the emergence of handheld devices and tablets. The videocassette recorder was another amazing technology of the 1980’s. While VCRs had been introduced in the market by the 70’s, they become more prominent in the 80’s.

These are some of the technologies that I witnessed in my late teen years around 80’s and they changed my life experiences to a greater extent. Enjoying music from a walkman, watching cable television, watching movies in VCRs, and playing interactive video games was  more than just fun.