How Apple Has Changed Since Steve Jobs

Since the departure of Steve Jobs, Apples has gone through ups and downs. A lot of scrutiny has been received over Apple. The media, public, and investors have pointed their finger at Apple for failing to be innovative. Also, critics say that the company may have lost its edge and it is merely doing updates of the existing products and probably not creating new ones. The company’s stock prices have also fallen. While the company may not have introduced many new products, it does not necessarily mean that it has failed in innovation. Here are a few changes that have been witnessed in Apple since Steve Jobs departed.

Slowed product innovation
While Apple may not have lost its grip on bringing in new innovations, it perhaps has slowed down after the death of Jobs. Steve was known for initiating development of new products in the company. Apple is a company that has been driven by innovations and whenever it fails to bring them out, it may be lagging in its growth. At least Apple needs to come up with one product in each year if it is going to do well. If Apple becomes complacent, it most likely will be the next Microsoft.

Lacking design prowess
Apple has previously been criticized by investors and media for lacking design prowess. It lacks leadership capabilities that were seen at the time of Steve Jobs. However, by Jony Ive joining the position of head of hardware and software, it would mean that a new face of Apple is being created that allows for design progress. This has mitigated the fear of lack of innovation or vision in the company.

Apple advertising may be down
In the times of Jobs, Apple had amazing advertising. After his death, this seems to have disappeared. Steve made classic ads for the company. While the company has been trying different advertising styles, they may not have peaked as those of Jobs. The marketing has been off.

People still love Apple though the brand is not as enticing to some users as it used to be. Controlling the message released by Apple to the media and public may partly be a cause for the reduced public perception on the company. While there may be some down falls for the Apple Company since Steve left, on the other hand, the company can still improve and restore sanity in the market. Innovations in the company are going to drive it far and if it has to make strides and growth, it should embrace new technologies and create new products that people love.