Future Technology I Believe We Should Be Investing In

If you want to invest in technology, you would want to probably consider what is referred to as disruptive products. A disruptive technology is that which delivers products that address markets previously considered not served. The smartphone was at one time a disruptive product. There are technologies that are going to create change in the world and you should be looking forward to investing in them. These include:

3 D printing
A relatively new technology, the 3D printer is going to see immense developments. It is also a technology that has the potential to be regarded as disruptive. The 3D technology allows people to print things at home. In the past, people were compelled to order printed things online but now they can do it at their home. This is a technology that gives consumers an opportunity to create instead of procuring. Form 1 is a good example of 3 D printing technology. It allows you to create your own physical product with custom design without needing any approval from a manufacturer.

Internet of Things
The buzzlephrase “Internet of Things” may not be clear to many people. However, it simply describes interconnected world where people live. This is a concept or technology that is picked from the idea that different electronic devices like security cameras can be connected together and be able to provide data and analyze it thereby making decisions for people. For instance, at the household level, televisions, thermostats, and other gadgets can be connected to the internet where they are accessible to anyone and from anywhere.

Oculus Rift
Video games are not only exciting but also a way to refresh the mind. They are fun and entertaining. I love video games and that’s why I advocate for technologies such as Oculus Rift. This is a 3D headset that makes you feel mentally connected like you are in a video game. It’s a virtual reality gaming technology which turns around the head using ultra low-latency thereby allowing you to view the world in display of high resolution.

Leap motion
The introduction of multi touch may not have solved all the problems associated with use of hands to operate the keyboard. With prolonged use of the multi touch desktop, the hands may feel tired. Leap motion challenges this area by bringing in an advanced technology that is capable of controlling the desktop using the fingers but without having to touch the screen.

As we plan for our future, we need to invest in new technologies and efficiencies. People have different expectations over new technologies and what may suit one may not be suitable for another person. However, these are some technologies that could make a big change.