Future Tech No One Knows About Yet

Our drive for being innovative is never going to slow down. Moore’s law explains that processing power within computing technology changes pretty fast. Looking back a few decades ago, it only shows how fast we have advanced in technology. Today we are talking of innovations such as Internet of Things, slim advanced smartphones, Blu-ray technology, and 3-D printing and imaging. In spite of these advancements, there may be other technologies that people may not be aware of such as:

Bendable smartphones
You might have that cool smartphone with tons of apps and features. A phone that can do about anything, but what one technology is promising is that, you can have a bendable phone. The phone dubbed “Youm” and which has been developed by Samsung is about to emerge in the market. The phone makes use of organic light-emitting diode display (OLED). It is completely flexible and claims to be unbreakable.

Color changing contact lenses
A smart contact lens may be able to alert people with diabetes of their glucose levels. It is a better way to determine your level of glucose in body.  The lens changes color depending on the level of glucose. This technology shows how the healthcare is likely to advance in future for diabetes patients. Biochemical engineers have developed a technology using nanoparticles that are able to react with the glucose molecules found in one’s tears. Patients do not have to draw blood to have it checked for glucose level.

A technology by Cisco and AT&T promises to take video conferencing into another level. The technology leverages sensitivity to video, audio, and ambient lighting.  Parties hosting a video conference can be able to feel as though they are doing it in the same room.

These are a few of the future technological innovations we are likely to see change the way we do things. These techs may be costly to adopt however, they will make user experiences friendlier. The telepresence technology for instances mimic the natural environment and people communicating from a far distance may feel as if they are in the same room.

Technologies like IntelliLink System that come with the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra are likely to create a mark in the automobile industry. IntelliLink system has a color touch screen as well as voice command that allow motorists to navigate radio stations, make calls, and get directions without getting their hands off the steering wheel.