Top Tips for Getting the Most Branding Views

When your company is sharing content online, getting more views than the competition is important. What this means is that your content, whether it is written, a photo or a video, should be compelling. The content produced has to intrigue and interest viewers in order for them to open what your company is offering. Pick … [Read more…]

Top Tech for Your Home

Homeowners are looking forward to having efficient, smart technologies in their premises. While it may be still in its infancy, devices that can be controlled by smartphones at home to regulate the indoor atmosphere and security are becoming common. You can use gadgets to control the amount of lighting in your home to reduce the … [Read more…]

Tips for Upgrading Your Phone Every Year

I don’t like encountering a situation where a new phone has come out but I am just a few months tied into a contract that I cannot abandon meaning I may not get the upgrade. Upgrading your phone offers you many benefits. You may be able to gain access to new improved features, speed, and … [Read more…]

Future Tech No One Knows About Yet

Our drive for being innovative is never going to slow down. Moore’s law explains that processing power within computing technology changes pretty fast. Looking back a few decades ago, it only shows how fast we have advanced in technology. Today we are talking of innovations such as Internet of Things, slim advanced smartphones, Blu-ray technology, … [Read more…]

The Top Tech I Stuck With Over The Past 5 Years

It’s only five years after apps were introduced in the market. There have been many technological advancements over the past five years and while some have become popular, others have not been able to survive. Some of the technologies have also been costly for people to adopt them. I have a few technologies I have … [Read more…]

New Tech of 2016 That I’m Excited For

Technology appears to be advancing at a high speed. What may appear as a dependable technology, soon it may be phased out and becomes obsolete. From things like intelligent messaging apps, smart watches, to drones that will follow you like paparazzi; it looks like 2016 will define science fiction into science facts. Virtual Reality Virtual … [Read more…]

Technology for the Mixed Gens

Generation X consists of people born in 60’s to 80’s during which technology was in its early age. Millennials on the other hand were born from 80’s to 2000’s and they are considered a group that witnessed the explosive growth of technology.  I am in generation X having had my teenage years come in the … [Read more…]