Future Technology I Believe We Should Be Investing In

If you want to invest in technology, you would want to probably consider what is referred to as disruptive products. A disruptive technology is that which delivers products that address markets previously considered not served. The smartphone was at one time a disruptive product. There are technologies that are going to create change in the … [Read more…]

How Apple Has Changed Since Steve Jobs

Since the departure of Steve Jobs, Apples has gone through ups and downs. A lot of scrutiny has been received over Apple. The media, public, and investors have pointed their finger at Apple for failing to be innovative. Also, critics say that the company may have lost its edge and it is merely doing updates … [Read more…]

My Predictions on TV VS Netflix

More and more people are now opting for TV streaming services and moving away from cable television networks. In a recent survey by FBR Capital Markets, it indicates that Netflix is becoming popular to traditional TV networks. The Netflix viewing in the U.S. is set to surpass that of TV channels including ABC, Fox, CBS, … [Read more…]

Some Things Never Change

Some people may be ready to adopt every other technology but others try to resist the advances. There are people who are still watching black and white TV decades after the gadgets became obsolete.  Today we are talking of LED and plasma TV that have great images and quality sounds. Phones have changed from the … [Read more…]

We Shouldn’t Forget Our Roots

While we may be fanatical about new tech devices, we also shouldn’t forget that old is gold. Many people love new technologies and want to switch from the old devices to enjoy the improved features. There is nothing wrong with using newer devices, however, this make more sense if you are not spending too much … [Read more…]