My Day to Day Must Have Gadgets

I love gadgets and that’s why I am always on the lookout for technologies that help make life easier for me while not spending a lot of money. While there is a plethora of devices and gadgets that I can use every day, some may not be necessary. Here is a list of my day-to-day … [Read more…]

Expensive Tech That Pays Off

The technological world is advancing at an amazing speed. New devices are being invented that help make life experiences more fulfilling. While some innovations are cheaper to apply, others come with a huge cost. Some technologies may be expensive but they can pay off in the long run. People want to adapt to technologies that … [Read more…]

Why Tech Gets Cheaper Over Time

I remember my dad bought us a PC having a one gigabyte hard drive for $1200 and now he has a 220-gigabyte computer and printer that went for only $500. The question I ask is why does technology seem to trend down in price over time? There may be many reasons as to why technology … [Read more…]