About Me

Geek. Nerd. Technology Buff. Gadget Friendly. Call me what you want.. I just say I’m advanced in things that don’t really matter to common civilization!


Yes, I’m a dork. I’ll fully accept that title. I was a teen in the 80’s, I grew up with comics and coming of age technology. Videos games and “futurist” technology and movies. I’m a product of the American 80’s lifestyle. I was rasied poor in those days, I had to learn how to keep up with all of the new technology while not having the money to do so.


So what did I do? I used some old fashion hustling. No not in the sense you are thinking. I just learned that hard work pays off. Then I had to learn the rewards in being able to save that hard earn money, which is now deemed being “frugal”. Technology and frugal usually don’t go together in the same sentence. If it does it usually leads to the nasty word, “CHEAP”.


I am here to tell you that is 2016 and that there are ways around all of this cheap crap!